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D2R/D2S HIDS4U HID Xenon Conversion Kits


Our range of HID conversion/replacement kits to replace D2R and D2S Xenon Bulbs.

These kits allow for complete replacement of factory-fitted D2R and D2S Xenon HID bulbs. The kits include Xenon bulb(s), ballast unit(s) and connecting cables for your vehicle. All our HID conversion kits come with a full two year warranty, covering failure of any component.

The HID kits are designed as 'plug and play' meaning no wiring to the vehicles battery - simply connect together using your existing headlight cabling. The bulbs are available in four colours: 4300K (standard yellow-white), 5000K (pure white), 6000K (white with blue tint) and 8000K (stronger blue light).

These kits are most commonly used as a cheaper replacement for a failed factory fitted HID kit, or where the factory fitted kit does not support different colour bulbs.

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