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Find HID Kits, reversing cameras, parking sensors, DRLs, dash cams and multimedia interfaces for your vehicle.

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HID Kits, LEDs and Upgrade Bulbs

HIDS4U now provides a wide and ever-expanding range of driving technologies to update and enhance your vehicle. We aim to have your car filled with the latest and best tech and car gadgets around.

HID Conversion Kits

400% Brighter than Standard Halogen Bulbs

HIDS4U is the number one online retailer of Xenon HID Headlight Conversion Kits, and Xenon HID parts and accessories. We have a wide range of HID conversion kits suitable for most cars, motorbikes and other vehicles. With quality components, competitive pricing and a full 2 year warranty on all conversion kits and parts, we are the UK's top online HID Kit supplier.

LED Car Bulbs

LED car bulbs naturally produce a whiter light, have a much longer life span, and use far less power than standard bulbs. They are available as sidelights, brake lights, tail lights, fog lights and even internal lighting. LED bulbs give off a bright, distinctive and stylish glow, and look great combined with Xenon HID headlights. They also last longer than standard bulbs, with up to 5000 hours of longevity.

Reversing Cameras

We supply a wide range of universal and car specific reversing camera kits both wired and wireless. These cameras provide a great visual warning of distances to objects when reversing.

Parking Sensors

If you need assistance when parking, then our parking sensor kits will do just that. They help you to park more accurately in small spaces, and significantly reduce your chances of car park scrapes.

Daytime Running Lights

The latest in vehicle safety, daytime running lights improve vehicle visibility and road safety during daylight hours and also provide a fantastic modified look.

LED Strips

LED lighting strips are flexible, versatile lighting systems that can be used from home, office, garden and automotive lighting applications. These lighting strips come in a variety of colours and LED density for different applications, as well as waterproof and non-waterproof versions. We also have a range of connectors and 12v transformers to complete your new lighting design.

Dash Cams

Fast becoming the must have accessory for your car, dash cams automatically record all events whilst you’re driving. Recognised by most insurers, dash cams will capture any unfortunate events as they happen so there is no argument regarding liability.

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