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California Scents

Freshen up your car with the range from California Scents! These scents bring your car to life and keep it fresh!

For that sensational, crisp fragrance that welcomes you every time you get in your car, just slide the lid open and pop it under your seat or in a cupholder. Worried it?s going to spill? Don?t worry, these little tubs are spill-proof!

Too overwhelming? California Scents have an adjustable lid, giving you control of how strong you want it to smell; for maximum strength you can even remove the lid completely!

Unlike other car fresheners, California Car Scents provides up to 60 days of fragrance; no need to keep buying a new air freshener every week!

Everyone will be pleased to know that all the ingredients are 100% organic and biodegradable!

There's also a variety of scents, like Monterey Vanilla, Coronado Cherry & Golden State Delight.
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