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Volkswagen Bulbs

Traditionally, Volkswagen don't usually come with the best or brightest headlight bulbs.

More often than not, factory fitted halogen bulbs just aren't bright enough and upgrading might seem like the only option.

Luckily HIDS4U stocks upgrade headlight bulbs for 99% of Volkswagen vehicles.

HID Conversion Kits For Volkswagen Vehicles

Our HID conversion kits can reach up to 450% extra brightness compared to a standard bulb.

Don't be worried by this extra brightness though. As long as the bulbs are fitted correctly - the beam pattern should not blind other road users meaning your Volkswagen will have a brighter HID kit installed that isn't a hazard to others (unlike other HID kits).

The HID kits are available in 35W and 55W packs and a few different colour choices meaning you get to pick the brightness and colour of your kit.

Each kit has been masterfully designed over the past 18+ years meaning we've covered 99% of issues other kits may produce.

Volkswagen 35W Ballast Units

Volkswagen Upgrade Bulbs

Upgrade Bulbs For Volkswagen

If you're wondering how you can upgrade your headlights to a brighter light legally then look no further than HIDS4U!

We stock halogen performance bulbs for your Volkswagen that can give you up to 200% more light are 100% road legal and are completely plug-and-play.

Keep in mind that halogen upgrades do not last as long as LED bulbs or HID Kits and are not as bright but are road legal and will cause no-hassle for your Volkswagen.

Volkswagen LED Headlight Bulbs

Did you know that you can choose to have LED headlights when you purchase a new vehicle from the dealership? Did you also know that if just one bulb goes out on the LED modules that you need to replace the entire unit? If your headlights are halogens then a simple plug-and-play LED bulb replacement is entirely possible. Upgrade LED bulbs are designed to be direct replacements for their halogen counterparts so swapping out the bulbs is a breeze.
Volkswagen LED Bulbs

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