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H1 55W Pro Max Xenon HID Conversion Kit

H1 55W Pro Max Xenon HID Conversion Kit

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H1 excellent HIDS4U Pro Max HID conversion kit rated at 55W. This new uprated HID kit will give 400% more light than a standard halogen bulb significantly improving night time driving.

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The 55W Pro Max kit is the best quality H1 HID Conversion Kit on the market and is exclusive to HIDS4U Ltd. The kit is specifically designed for cars, motorbikes and vans which use H1 headlight bulbs.

Manufactured to the highest quality our Pro Max kit will produce up to 400% more light than any standard headlight bulb. The Pro Max kit still only uses the same amount of power as a standard halogen, however the additional wattage (55W) of the 35W Pro Plus kit results in a significant increase in light providing you with excellent night time driving. The improvement in light output will help illuminate potential hazards and reduce the risk of accidents when travelling at night making your journey alot safer.

Our kit cannot be compared to any other HID kit on the market today! Due to the high quality components used in both the ballasts and the bulbs and our confidence in their ability we can offer you an excellent 2 year warranty.


Our Pro Max ballasts are rated at 55W instead of the standard 35W on other HID kits, this extra power gives an additional 100% more light than the 35W kits. Our ballasts are also all digital, this significantly improves reliability lasting much longer saving you money! The newer ballast also reduces the problems which are associated with older design non-digital type ballasts. The improvements in design and reliability have set these high quality ballasts apart from other cheap HID kit alternatives.


The high H1 upgrade bulbs are specifically made to produce a perfect beam pattern and focus just like the halogens and can be used with metal or ceramic bulb holders. The bulbs have also been UV cut to prevent damage to your plastic lenses..

The H1 upgrade bulb is broken into three different colour temperatures:

Bulb Colour Rating:

  • 5000K – Produces a daylight white light (The recommended colour!)
  • 6000K – Produces a super daylight white light with a small blue tint
  • 8000K - Produces a distinctive blue light

The HIDS4U Pro Max kit is a fantastic upgrade from your standard bulbs!!

Our HID Pro Max kit is complete with our own written instruction manual and fault finding guide.

The 55w Pro Max kit is ideal for most vehicles with a H1 fitting. However if you are unsure please use our “Find a HID Kit for my vehicle” application guide to check which of our HID kits are most suited to your vehicle.

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