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We offer a full range of parking sensors kits to help you park. Our parking sensor kits and reversing sensor kits start from a basic 4 sensor and buzzer only system through to front and rear parking sensors with wireless LCD displays and cameras. Most commonly fitted to the rear or cars or van, they are a great parking aid, especially on larger vehicles with poor rear visibility. They can help you to park more accurately in small spaces, and significantly reduce your chances of (expensive!) car park scrapes.

Parking sensors are often factory fitted to higher end vehicles, but can now be added to the front or rear of any car. A parking sensor kit with more sensors will tend to give a more accurate reading, and will give better warning of smaller objects (like bollards) and obstructions not directly behind the vehicle.

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Parking Sensor Kit with Buzzer
This one will give you a real buzz! There is nothing worse when parking your car and nudging that car behind. Judging the distance behind can sometimes be difficult but you can solve this problem with a parking sensor kit that will buzz in your ear when you’re getting close. You can have also have this installed in the front of course.
£17.00 (inc. VAT)

Parking Sensor Kit with LED Display
Parking sensor kit with 4 bumper sensors and wired LED dashboard display
£19.99 (inc. VAT)

Wireless Parking Sensor Kit
Parking sensor kit with 4 bumper sensors and wireless LED dashboard display
£36.00 (inc. VAT)
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Wireless Parking Sensor Kit LCD Sceen Reversing Sensor Kit
Wireless parking sensor kit with 4 bumper sensors and wireless LCD digital display. This parking sensor kit comes with 4 rear sensors that designed to be embedded into the rear bumper. The colour LCD display gives you a very accurate reading of the distance between your car and any object which is within 3 meters of your car with its colourful display and audio tone warning. The parking sensor kits is a DIY install requiring only 2 wires to connect to the vehicles reversing light feed. The lcd dispay dimensions are: 3.5"wide x 1.75"deep and comes with 3m adhesive pad for easy fitting of the display to your dash. The reversing sensor kit comes with the drill bit needed for the perfect fit of the sensors. The senors come in black can be painted to match your car without damaging the performance of them.
£51.00 (inc. VAT)

Wireless Parking Sensor kit and Reversing Camera Kit wireless system UK
  • After a reversing camera and parking sensor kit? Look no further!
  • This kit gives you both audible and visual warning of your distance to objects and the view behind you, giving you the best possible reversing and rear view system.
  • Perfect for longer vehicles, cars and vans with poor visibility.
  • Wireless 3.5inch TFT monitor means you will be able to see everything clearly when reversing.
£49.99 (inc. VAT)
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